What population will the North Austin Community Center (NACC) serve? 

  • NACC welcomes residents of all ages, regardless of geographic location, to participate in all of the programming offered within the center. 
  • NACC embraces and encourages participation in all offered programs by individuals of any age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our community unique.

What programming will be available to Austin residents, and what will be the costs  associated with programming? 

  • Programming for the space is still being designed.  NACC has committed to the following principles:  
    • Providing more than 100 hours weekly at no cost to community members of all ages. 
    • Developing a schedule that prioritizes neighborhood access.
    • Making all programs with fees sliding-scale.
  • Additional information: 
    • Tournaments and leagues will take place on late nights and weekends to generate revenue to scholarship community activities.
    • If you have ideas or would like to partner please contact: info@northaustincommunitycenter.org

How do I partner/volunteer with the NACC? 

What types of programming will be available at the NACC? 

  • Daily drop-in sports for youth (e.g. soccer, futsal and basketball).
  • Community programming such as: Mom and me classes, pickleball, indoor walking and fitness classes.
  • Professional-level basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball and futsal camps, leagues and academies available for youth of all ages.
  • Multipurpose space for community events and recreation.
  • Summer camps. 

What are the major demographics trends of the neighborhood within a half-mile radius of the NACC? 

  • African American: 28%
  • Hispanic: 47%
  • White: 24%

What are the demographics of the individuals who have participated in community engagement?

  • The community engagement mirrors the above neighborhood demographics, with more than 3,000 residents engaged since June of 2018, with additional outreach to the Central Austin neighborhood. 

Will there be security at the site? 

  • The building will be secured with doors remaining locked and front door staff to buzz in guests. 
  • Everyone working in the building will be background checked. 
  • Formal security often escalates situations, all staff will be trained in trauma-informed restorative practices, with law enforcement only being called for life-threatening situations. 

Who is doing the community engagement? Is there room for employment of a diversity consultant? 

  • NACC currently has a robust team conducting community engagement and ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion. For any additional questions email info@complycsc.com

When and how will permanent jobs be advertised? 

  • Hiring for permanent jobs will take place throughout the spring and into the fall of 2022. Please watch the northaustincommunitycenter.org website for updates. 

What types of jobs will be available? 

  • At least 15 full-time positions and at least 30 part time positions.
  • All salaries are competitive and will be commensurate with experience. 
  • As the programming is designed, consideration will be made for employment opportunities for local youth. 
  • Applicants who reside in the Austin neighborhood will be given hiring priority.  

What ways will the NACC celebrate various cultures?  

  • NACC will recognize, nurture and celebrate culture, with an emphasis on African American and Latino cultural heritages.   

Will students in youth leagues and activities have the opportunity for mentorship? 

  • Yes, coaches and program leaders will support students holistically and mentorship will be an aspect of their role.  

Will there be special sports and fitness programs available for diverse learners (students with disabilities)? 

  • Yes, through partnerships. 

Will transportation be provided for seniors and others who are not able to walk to the center?

  • NACC does not provide transportation,  please speak with your alderman if this is something you’d like to arrange. 

Will there be open technology access for community use such as a computer lab or technology learning programs?  

  • Not  at this time. However, if your program has a technology learning program and would like space at NACC we would love to learn more as we develop programming for the space. Please contact info@northaustincommunitycenter.org

How can the community learn more about NACC?

About By The Hand Club For Kids 

What is the role of By The Hand Club (BTH) within North Austin Community Center? 

  • BTH will be an occupant within NACC, occupying a small portion of the space during the out-of-school time to serve 400 Chicago Public Schools students.  

What is BTH? 

  • BTH is a faith-based, out-of-school-time program that partners with local public schools to identify children not meeting reading standards. 
  • Once enrolled in BTH, students are provided with transportation from their school to the clubs and then driven home daily at no cost to the schools or families.
  • While enrolled, students receive a hot meal, eye exams, dental care, mentorship, academic support, technology and STEM education, college scholarships and preparation, and life-enriching opportunities such as camp, sports and the arts. 
  • Students who need additional emotional or trauma support have access to counseling with licensed clinicians.   
  • BTH is a literacy-focused organization, students are provided homework help, one-on-one tutoring, time with reading specialists as well as moving through an evidence-based reading and literacy curriculum. 
  • Students are prepared for job interviews, college applications and employment opportunities by an experienced college and career team. 
  • Programming within By The Hand Club and at the North Austin Community Center will celebrate Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month as well as encourage cultural pride throughout the year. 

Is BTH a School?

  • No, By The Hand is not a school, it is an out-of-school program that provides holistic support to students referred by Chicago Public Schools partners.  

How does BTH ensure student safety? 

  • When children are on site, all doors are locked with front-door staff screening individuals entering the building. 
  • Children are given safe passage from their school, to the club, and then taken home.
  • All of the staff are trained in safety protocols and crisis response de-escalation tactics.   

Are there special services for students with IEPs or behavioral issues? 

  • BTH staff are trauma-informed and trained to create inclusive and holistic environments for students, specifically students with high needs. For more than 20 years BTH has a track record of success supporting students with high needs, including behavioral needs, and IEPs. 

 Are there social services available to students and families? 

  • BTH provides wraparound support for students and families.
  • Some of these supports include emergency services for families such as food assistance, utility assistance, training and connection to resources, daily meals for students, access to mental health counseling, physical exams and immunizations, dental care and eye exams. 
  • BTH has a full-time social worker on site when students are in attendance during the after-school hours. 

What percentage of By The Hand Employees in Central Austin are African American?

  • Since 2007, BTH has created 62 permanent jobs. 
  • 68% of BTH staff in Austin are African American and 45% reside in Austin. 

What experience is required to work at BTH? 

  • BTH employees have a range of experience, with cultural competency and serving students and families at the core of the hiring process. Many employees have a background in nonprofits, church ministry, education and social work. Team leaders have bachelor’s degrees or higher. 
  • Roles will be posted to indeed.com, this website, and to the By The Hand Club website for By The Hand jobs specifically.

What is the Impact of BTH?

  • 91% of students pass their classes.
  • 88% graduate high school. 
  • 86% matriculate to higher education.  
  • Over 9,816 families received fresh food and hot meals in 2020. 
  • Over $30,000 provided to BTH students in college scholarships in 2020. 

What is your retention rate for BTH graduates who enter college? What is the matriculation rate for graduate school or beyond? 

  • 43% of students complete a 2-year, 4-year degree and/or job training after graduating high school.

Who are current partners of BTH?   

  • 7th, 18th District CAPS officers 
  • Austin Coming Together
  • BPI
  • Chicago Literacy Initiative
  • College Mentoring Experience
  • Cornerstone Christian Counseling
  • Fishers of Men
  • Grace and Peace Fellowship
  • Kids First
  • Resident Association Greater Englewood (RAGE)
  • TCA Health Clinic
  • Year Up
  • YMCA
  • Youth Guidance 
  • West Side Refuge 
  • World Vision

Do you provide support or partnership opportunities to local nonprofits?

How long has BTH been in existence? Why and when did you relocate to Austin?

  • BTH has been in existence for 20 years, in the Austin Neighborhood for 15 years, and BTH’s headquarters has been in Austin for eight years. 

How would I be able to learn more about BTH?