North Austin Community Center Construction Trade Fair

The North Austin Community Center is a world-class 150,000 SQFT facility for sports, education and wellness for residents on the West Side.

Date: March 15
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Location: The GAP Revive Center 1856 N Leclaire (street parking available on Leclaire) 
Event Details: Attention all West Side construction employment enthusiasts – the North Austin Community Center is in full construction mode and we are looking to hire qualified local individuals this spring and summer! Join us to learn more about the project, fill out job applications, connect with Local Union Halls, and learn about construction employment opportunities!

  • We have a variety of positions available between now and the fall with the North Austin Community Center including:
    • Sponsorships and apprenticeship positions with Local Union Halls, both for this job as well as other jobs in the area
    • Skilled construction positions within various trades (Bidding is closed for additional contractors)

For any questions or for additional information please contact